Profit Sharing Scheme

MyMentorr Platform -


MyMentorr is a global platform allowing individuals to hire Mentors, Coaches or Tutors online or offline. Our vision is to create positive mentoring, coaching or tutoring relationships. Enabling individuals to pass on their knowledge, skills and experience to someone who will benefit from that experience.


The scheme - 


This scheme is very similar to an affiliate program, however we have opted to create a unique profit sharing scheme which will bring more value to candidates. The individuals selected, will be enlisted to focus and represents one category of the platform e.g. life coaching, English tutoring, business mentoring, health coaching etc. Each individual will initially be contracted for a period of six months.

Once an individual has been selected, they will receive 40% of all subscription earnings MyMentorr receives from the Coaches, Mentors or Tutors that join the individuals represented category. No restriction is set on the individual, they receive 40% regardless of if the coaches/mentors joining the platform comes via the individuals efforts, promotions, our own marketing or organically.

As our subscription is yearly, you will receive the 40% each year - for example if 100 life coaches joins the platform in 2020, and they remain members in 2021 you will get the 40% for those 100 coaches in each years. However this is subject to your contract been renewed on the scheme.

About you – 

Each individual will have to explain why, they should be selected onto the scheme.

We will consider, social media following, influence, industry experience, networks and how you will promote the platform too your chosen category.

All individuals selected for the profit sharing scheme will need to be offering coaching, mentoring, tuition or skills sharing on the MyMentorr platform.  


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